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The S I Sniper

A simple way to trade the S & P 500 chart

This very simple & straightforward trading signal is a great way to get started on a financial trading career. I call it “S I” because it works only on a Single Index, & “Sniper” because you need to have focus and a “good eye” in order to spot it.

Members receive a manual in which I'll explain more about it and how you can benefit from it. There are also 8 videos explaining exactly how it works, and how to go about placing trades, along with numerous FAQs to further help.

S and P 500

First though, let's be clear about a few things - this signal doesn't appear every day - indeed quite a few days can go by without it appearing, and on its own, it's certainly not going to make you rich. But on the other hand, when it does appear, it provides an 70% or better chance of making a nice little profit, and that's about as good as it gets in terms of "risk to reward ratios" in any type of trading environment. (But please be in no doubt - financial trading carries with it a clear risk of losing money too. By no means all trades are likely to be profitable, and you should NEVER trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Using next month's rent payment for trading, is simply not on! Indeed, the ONLY “guarantee” I can offer you, is that you are guaranteed to have some losing trades.)

So what's the "S&P 500" part of the "S I Sniper" then?

"S&P" stands for Standard & Poors, which is an American stock market ratings agency, and the S&P500 index is one of their products. What it is, is a "stock market performance index" that's compiled from each day's trading in 500 big USA companies. You'll certainly have heard of the "Dow Jones Index" – well, the S&P500 is similar, but the big difference from our point of view is that – because of the way the prices are calculated – you can start off a trading career at much less cost (risk) via the S&P than via the Dow.

So how does an index like the S&P500 actually work? Well, let's say Company number 499 in the index sees its share price rise, but Companies 358 and 21 see their share price fall at any particular time. That's pretty normal market behaviour - company share prices rise and fall all the time, but not all at the same time or in the same direction. The S&P500 "index" simply amalgamates ALL the prices and that calculation determines the index value at any given moment.

So what? So, traders who know what they're doing can make money from working out what the index might be about to do next - and that's where this S I Sniper signal comes in ...........

Interested? To join the S I Sniper programme, please send a request via the contact page and I will give you all the details of how to join.

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