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The Forex Fraud Kit

A simple way to trade the Forex markets

First the title…A lot of people have asked me why I chose to call it The Forex Fraud Kit. Sounds a bit dodgy, doesn’t it? Let me put your mind at rest straight away – ‘fraud’ in any sense is NOT what I’m about, and I won’t be asking you to get involved in fraud either. Perish the thought. It’s just that when I taught a couple of friends how to profit from this signal, one of them said to me “Gosh Ian, this is so simple,  I feel a bit of a fraud. I know many years, and how much money, it took you to become a successful trader!” Well sometimes you have to go the long way around to find a shortcut. That’s what we have here.

With this unique and previously unreleased kit, you will be able to profit from of a very simple & straightforward trading signal. And you won’t need to learn a great deal of trading theory to do it.  It’s a great introduction to the profits to be made from financial trading, which anyone can exploit, and in the concise user manual I'll explain more about it and how you can benefit from it. 

In conjunction with the manual, you’ll find a series of instructional videos and both are in the members area of this website.

So what is this powerful Forex Fraud Kit signal all about then?

Well, Forex is an abbreviation of "Foreign Exchange" -indeed sometimes you'll see it abbreviated even further, to "FX". You already know about "Foreign Exchange" of course, if you have ever gone on holiday abroad and exchanged some pounds sterling for Euros, US dollars, Thai baht or whatever. When you do so, you are offered a price -an "exchange rate". You might get one euro and twenty cents for one pound sterling, for example - but tomorrow you might only get one euro and fifteen cents, because the euro strengthened against sterling overnight.

Forex fraud kit

Exchange rates are in a constant state of flux - and that ongoing price movement is caused by traders constantly negotiating with each other to arrive at a specific exchange rate at any specific moment. These traders can be individuals -you or me or anyone at all - or they can be big institutions like banks - or even governments. The sum total of all their interactions is what dictates how many Euros, dollars, or baht you might receive at any given time in return for your hard - earned sterling. And please also know that whether the euro is perceived to be “strong” or “weak” – the latter of course is the case right now – it makes absolutely NO difference to us as traders. We can profit no matter whether the exchange rate goes up or down – indeed, we need it to fluctuate in order to profit from it!

So what?

So, traders who know what they're doing can make money from working out what any particular exchange rate might be about to do next - and that's where our signal comes in .

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